martes, 10 de junio de 2008

El FC Cartagena espera una firma rápida. By Steve.


Club President, Paco Gomez, has announced that he has sealed a gentlemans agreement regarding the vacant managers post for 2008/2009 season with Fabri Gonzales.
Although he has yet to sign on the dotted line, Gonzales is expected to move into his new office inside Cartagonova Stadium, within the next week (unless another club offers him more money, then it`s back to square one!). Gonzales led Merida to the div 2b play offs this season, only to see his team get knocked out in the 1st round. Prior to that, he was in charge at Alaves, Burgos, Almeria, Zamora and Logrones.

The 2 teams from Cartagenas group, recorded disappointing results from their 1st leg div 2b play off final matches. Ecija lost 0-2 away to Huesca, whilst Ceuta could only draw 0-0 at home to Girona, leaving both teams with a mountain to climb if they are to achieve promotion to div 2a.

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