domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

Perdida la última oportunidad. By Steve.


It's official. FC Cartagena are returning to div 2b after only 3 years in Spain's second tier (div 2a). Having got themselves into a realistic position of avoiding the drop, once again they went and shot themselves in the foot - twice in a week!! 

 Los Albinegros went into this midweek match, with the knowledge that because Villarreal had been relegated from La Liga, their 'B' side would automatically be demoted from div 2a. This effectively meant that as Villarreal were a mid table side, only the bottom 3 would join them in the drop to div 2b. A huge crowd of 10,586 passionate fans inside Cartagonova Stadium, willed their team on from the very 1st minute, but alas, the expected victory was not to be delivered. The 1st half of the 1st half (you know what I mean!), was dominated by the home side, as they completely encamped in the opponents zone. 

Only problem was, they failed to convert many of the chances created. Raimondi, Paz, and especially Collantes, had good chances to open the scoring, but all lacked the killer touch. Xerez took control of the remainder of the half, but they too failed to open their account. Shortly after the restart, the visitors did put the ball in the net, but due to a linesman correctly flagging for offside, the goal did not stand. Raimondi and Lafuente put pressure on the visiting defence, but their efforts came to nothing. Having already been booked in the 1st half, Gaspar not only conceded a penalty, when his mistimed tackle resulted in a clear foul, but he was rightly shown his 3rd red card of the season. 

Keeper Reina pulled off a magnificent save from the spot kick, leaving the 10 men of Cartagena 15 minutes to score the all important winning goal. A spectacular long range drive by Abraham Paz just missed the target, but frustration got the better of his manager Carlos Rios, who was dismissed from the bench for verbally abusing the referee. As the game entered its conclusion, a Raimondi header was cleared off the line, before ex Cartagena striker Tato, was denied what looked a clear cut penalty, when he was blatantly tripped inside the box. 

 With only 4 games remaining, this was (again) a must win match for Cartagena. Unlike the spirited performance against Xerez only 3 days earlier, the words pathetic, pitiful, awful and wimpish come to mind, when describing the way a group of over paid players so easily capitulated!! I almost fell asleep watching this feeble excuse for a football match, in which neither side showed any urgency until Huesca should have scored midway through the 1st half, but wayward finishing let their opponents off the hook. Apart from a long range Toni Moral effort, Cartagena had offered nothing, and it was no surprise when the home side took the lead through a Mario Rosas strike, following a well worked move. 

On the stroke of half time, Carlos Rios men were offered a lifeline in the form of a penalty, following Toni Moral almost being castrated by a fierce belt in the nether region!! Anton shot tamely to the keepers right, allowing him time to comfortably save what can only be described as a soft spot kick (and that's being kind!). On for only FOUR minutes, Hector Font proceeded to pick up 2 yellow cards for mistimed challenges, and was deservedly dismissed on the hour mark. This sending off brought the number of red cards given to Cartagena players this season, to a shameful and inexcusable FIFTEEN!! Huesca almost added another goal, but the woodwork came to the rescue following a firm headed effort from a corner. In stoppage time, Collantes placed his free kick agonizingly wide, then with virtually the last kick of the game, keeper Juanma could only watch as Rosas somehow failed to add to his tally.

8 comentarios:

  1. Not quite official yet! But it will be after tomorrow.

    Commiserations from the "Gnomes of Mazarrón"!!!!!!!!!!

    ¡No absolutamente confirmado todavía! Pero estará después de mañana.

    Conmiseraciones del " Gnomos de Mazarrón"!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ha ha ha. Cartagena going down, going bust.

    Real Murcia will show you the way.

    Greetings from the gnomes of Mazarron FC.
    Remember, the teams you passed will wait for you on the way down.

    You treated away supporters like scum even though we showed you respect when you visited Mazarron and we have been waiting for you to tumble and here you come.

  3. Going down faster than a sinking submerine.

    Ha ha ha

  4. Cordoba 2 Cartagena 0

    It couldn't have happened to a nIcer team.

    Begging bowls out yet?

  5. NOW it really IS official!

  6. 6-2 To little to late. Your down and going bust.

    Like the blue shirts, ashamed to wear black and white?

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