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Ultima hora del FC Cartagena. By Steve.


There's nothing concrete to report from Los Albinegros (FC Cartagena), as the summer holiday has well and truely kicked in. Prospective manager Fabri Gonzales, has still not offically been appointed yet, although he still maintains that he will not go back on his word! Fuerteventura midfielder, 28 year old Eloy Barreto, is another who has been linked to join up with Cartagena, and hopefully he will be on board soon.
It was heartbreak for the 2 remaining teams from Cartagenas div 2b group left in the play offs. Champions Ecija proved once again how ludicrous the Spanish FA system is. Similar to Cartagena of 2 seasons ago, they easily won the division, but although they drew against Huesca, they lost on aggregate and face another season in div 2b. Ceuta narrowly lost against Girona, and they too miss out on promotion.

Going down from div 2a are Poli Ejido, Granada 74, Cadiz and Racing Ferrol. If Cartagena stay in group iv (which will depend on whether the Spanish FA need to reorganise the group format), then Poli Ejido, Granada 74 and Cadiz will almost certainly be playing them next season.
Promoted from div 3, via the play offs, are Real Murcia 'B', Cuidad Lorqui and Sangonera. All 3 teams are likely to be placed in Cartagenas group, giving Los Albinegros even more local derbies than last season (which should compensate for losing our old 'woodland' friends from Mazarron!).

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